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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edgar Allan Poe, 109 books
Tite Kubo, 39 books
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 38 books
Cassandra Clare, 38 books
Lynne Ewing, 32 books
Alyson Noël, 26 books
Stephen King, 26 books
Kelley Armstrong, 23 books
Iamblichus, 22 books
Michael Scott, 22 books
Joseph Delaney, 22 books
Hiroshi Shiibashi, 20 books
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 19 books
Lauren Kate, 18 books
H. P. Lovecraft, 17 books
Kami Garcia, 16 books
Nagaru Tanigawa, 16 books
Amanda Hocking, 16 books
Rumiko Takahashi, 15 books
Michael Grant, 15 books
Christopher Pike, 15 books
Mike Mignola, 14 books
Becca Fitzpatrick, 14 books
Holly Black, 13 books
Parker, Daniel, 13 books