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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 14 books
Guy Debord, 9 books
György Lukács, 8 books
Karl Kautsky, 6 books
José Ortega y Gasset, 6 books
Joseph Stalin, 5 books
Romuald Zaniewski, 3 books
Otto Rühle, 3 books
Alexander Helphand, 2 books
Werner Sombart, 2 books
Karl Diehl, 2 books
Moissaye J. Olgin, 2 books
Robert Poulet, 2 books
August Winnig, 2 books
Emil Lederer, 2 books
Goetz A. Briefs, 2 books
Ralph Fox, 2 books
Kim, Il-sŏng, 2 books
Gabriel Salazar Vergara, 2 books
Paul Nizan, 2 books
Peter Kiefer, 1 book
Jacques Capdevielle, 1 book
Mann, Michael, 1 book
D. V. Kukharchuk, 1 book
Giuseppe Salvioli, 1 book


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