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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 21 books
Ernesto Guevara, 15 books
Hannah Arendt, 10 books
Karl Kautsky, 9 books
Christophe Guillaume de Koch, 9 books
Leon Trotsky, 8 books
Fidel Castro, 8 books
Peter Calvert, 6 books
Antonio Negri, 6 books
Jacques Godechot, 6 books
Kim, Il-sŏng, 6 books
Karl Marx, 6 books
Jonathan Sperber, 6 books
I͡Uriĭ Andreevich Krasin, 5 books
Crane Brinton, 5 books
Paul Virilio, 5 books
C.-F Volney, 5 books
J. Bowyer Bell, 4 books
Michael Löwy, 4 books
Jacques Ellul, 4 books
Gustav Landauer, 4 books
Peter Kropotkin, 4 books
Giulio Girardi, 4 books
José Ortega y Gasset, 4 books
M. Rejai, 4 books


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