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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Gay, 9 books
Charles Morazé, 7 books
Ryszard Kołodziejczyk, 6 books
Jürgen Kocka, 6 books
Zhongli Zhang, 5 books
George Douglas Howard Cole, 5 books
Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, 5 books
Bernhard Groethuysen, 5 books
Ford Madox Ford, 5 books
Christopher Caudwell, 5 books
Lothar Gall, 5 books
Décio Saes, 4 books
Romero, José Luis, 4 books
Adeline Daumard, 4 books
Jung-tê Chou, 4 books
Sue Miller, 4 books
Manfred Hettling, 4 books
Régine Pernoud, 4 books
Xinhuang Xiao, 4 books
Jesus Cruz, 4 books
Chung-li Chang, 4 books
Ronald M. Glassman, 4 books
Catherine Hall, 4 books
Hannes Stekl, 4 books
Min Ma, 4 books


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