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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Πλάτων, 10 books
Sigmund Freud, 5 books
Richard C. Cabot, 4 books
Michel Onfray, 4 books
Willard Spiegelman, 4 books
Sir John Lubbock, 3 books
Susannah Seton, 3 books
Edward Monkton, 3 books
Robert Taylor, 3 books
David J. Linden, 3 books
Slavoj Žižek, 3 books
Paul Pearsall, 3 books
Alexander Lowen, 3 books
Sue Augustine, 3 books
Thomas M. Kavanagh, 3 books
Rene Lefebvre, 3 books
David Greer, 3 books
Donald Herbert Davidson, 2 books
J. C. B. Gosling, 2 books
Paul Rosenfels, 2 books
Laurence Villard, 2 books
Lavelle, Louis, 2 books
Thomas Hill Green, 2 books
Tessa Hadley, 2 books
Paolo Cosenza, 2 books


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