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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Goleman, 21 books
René Descartes, 16 books
Jean-Paul Sartre, 14 books
Charles Darwin, 14 books
Robert Plutchik, 14 books
Leslie S. Greenberg, 12 books
Mo Willems, 11 books
Joy Berry, 11 books
Brian Moses, 11 books
Joyce Meyer, 11 books
Paul Ekman, 11 books
Carroll E. Izard, 11 books
Neal M. Ashkanasy, 11 books
Saint-Marc Girardin, 10 books
Jonathan H. Turner, 10 books
Julie Murray, 9 books
Megan McDonald, 9 books
Windy Dryden, 9 books
Janine Amos, 9 books
P. V. Simonov, 9 books
Susan Broomhall, 8 books
Keith Oatley, 8 books
Jonathan Edwards, 8 books
Elizabeth Crary, 8 books
Reynolds, Edward, 8 books


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