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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adalbert Stifter, 10 books
Hermann Augustin, 5 books
Moriz Enzinger, 4 books
Moriz Enzinger, 3 books
Kosch, Wilhelm, 3 books
Kurt Gerhard Fischer, 3 books
Ulrich Dittmann, 3 books
Matz, Wolfgang, 3 books
Hermann Kunisch, 3 books
Ernst Bertram, 2 books
Hermann Bahr, 2 books
Walther Rehm, 2 books
Herbert Seidler, 2 books
Adolf von Grolman, 2 books
Urban Roedl, 2 books
Joachim Müller, 2 books
Hellmuth Himmel, 2 books
Otto Jungmair, 2 books
Josef Buchowiecki, 2 books
Philip H. Zoldester, 2 books
Lothar Stiehm, 2 books
Sepp Domandl, 2 books
Horst Albert Glaser, 2 books
Katharina Grätz, 2 books
Martin Swales, 2 books


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