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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gottfried Keller, 17 books
Emil Ermatinger, 7 books
Staiger, Emil, 4 books
Baumann, Walter, 4 books
Max Hochdorf, 4 books
Alfred Zäch, 3 books
Jacob Baechtold, 3 books
Klaus-Dieter Metz, 3 books
Karl Fehr, 2 books
Otto Brahm, 2 books
Kaspar T. Locher, 2 books
Buri, Fritz, 2 books
Carl Enders, 2 books
Farinelli, Arturo, 2 books
Morgenthaler, Walter, 2 books
Harry Maync, 2 books
Adolf Muschg, 2 books
Rudolf Wildbolz, 2 books
Karl Essl, 2 books
Ipke Nommensen, 2 books
James Martin Lindsay, 2 books
Brian Alan Rowley, 2 books
Richard R. Ruppel, 2 books
Erwin Ackerknecht, 2 books
Paul Wüst, 2 books


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