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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chuanxi Chen, 17 books
James Cahill, 11 books
Gu gong bo wu yuan (China), 8 books
Shixin Zhou, 7 books
Sirén, Osvald, 6 books
Gongshang He, 6 books
Mosheng Mei, 5 books
Osvald Sirén, 5 books
Gong Qi, 5 books
Kung Heng Choy, 5 books
Qi Shao, 4 books
Jianrong Xu, 4 books
Renkai Yang, 4 books
Shouxiang Chen, 4 books
Kai Wang, 4 books
Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan, 4 books
Jiacheng Wang, 4 books
Gai Wang, 4 books
Roger Goepper, 4 books
Fulin Liu, 4 books
Zheming Tang, 4 books
Daqian Zhang, 3 books
Songyan Qian, 3 books
Chiang, Yee, 3 books
Mai-mai Sze, 3 books


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