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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wang, Yuanqi, 4 books
Sullivan, Michael, 3 books
Qi Shao, 3 books
Baoshi Fu, 3 books
Lan Qi, 3 books
Shimin Wang, 3 books
Zaiqin Ni, 3 books
Jiang, Hong., 2 books
Binhong Huang, 2 books
Wang, Hui, 2 books
Max Loehr, 2 books
Anil De Silva, 2 books
Peiheng Hu, 2 books
Kewen Wang, 2 books
Fei Wu, 2 books
Jian Huang, 2 books
Cheng Zhou, 2 books
Wucius Wong, 2 books
Bin Wang, 2 books
Qiuyuan Huang, 2 books
Ting Qiu, 2 books
Lai Peng, 2 books
Zheming Tang, 2 books
Danyan Sun, 2 books
Gumin Zhang, 2 books


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