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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pauline Cherrett, 4 books
Ahao Wang, 3 books
Lucy Wang, 3 books
Matsushita, Takaaki, 2 books
Jane Dwight, 2 books
I-Hsiung Ju, 2 books
Baomin Jia, 2 books
James Cahill, 2 books
Maggie Bickford, 2 books
Long, Jean., 2 books
Caroline Self, 2 books
Haonian Ou, 2 books
Lin Mo, 2 books
Walter Chen, 2 books
Shuren Guo, 2 books
Jung Ying Tsao, 1 book
Arnold Chang, 1 book
Fritz van Briessen, 1 book
Daqian Zhang, 1 book
Yamada, Gyokuun, 1 book
I-Jean Hwang Ting, 1 book
Zhu, Da, 1 book
Xie, Zhiliu., 1 book
Minna Törmä, 1 book
Shen, Yizheng, 1 book


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