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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Quintilian, 6 books
Donald A. Russell, 4 books
Basil G. Mitchell, 4 books
Sunzi, 3 books
D. R. Shackleton Bailey, 2 books
Sir Thomas Malory, 2 books
John Randolph Lucas, 2 books
John Louis Foster, 2 books
Idries Shah, 2 books
J. R. Lucas, 2 books
Adonis, 2 books
Samih al-Qasim, 2 books
Procopius, 2 books
Stesichorus., 1 book
Ibn Batuta, 1 book
Babrius., 1 book
Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint, 1 book
Alexander Rogers, 1 book
David A. Campbell, 1 book
Tryphiodorus., 1 book
Bacchylides., 1 book
Oppian, 1 book
Edward FitzGerald, 1 book
Julian, 1 book
John England, 1 book


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