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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nuttin, Joseph, 6 books
John William Atkinson, 6 books
Bernard Weiner, 6 books
Brent Filson, 6 books
David C. McClelland, 5 books
John W. Atkinson, 5 books
P. V. Simonov, 5 books
Walter Toman, 4 books
Daniel H. Pink, 4 books
Brian H. Ross, 4 books
Keith F. Bell, 4 books
Bernard Weiner, 4 books
Johnmarshall Reeve, 4 books
Don Essig, 4 books
Chenzhi Dai, 4 books
Raymond B. Cattell, 4 books
Abraham H. Maslow, 4 books
Ernest Dichter, 4 books
Susan T. Fiske, 4 books
R. S. Peters, 3 books
Dalbir Bindra, 3 books
Charles Norval Cofer, 3 books
Gordon H. Bower, 3 books
Neal E. Miller, 3 books
Paul Thomas Young, 3 books


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