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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nebraska Symposium, 13 books
Brian H. Ross, 12 books
John William Atkinson, 10 books
Gordon H. Bower, 9 books
David C. McClelland, 8 books
Nuttin, Joseph, 8 books
Steve Chandler, 8 books
Miller, William R., 8 books
Julius Kuhl, 7 books
Jon Gordon, 7 books
Napoleon Hill, 7 books
Johnmarshall Reeve, 7 books
Charles Norval Cofer, 6 books
P. V. Simonov, 6 books
Richard M. Ryan, 6 books
Bernard Weiner, 6 books
Brent Filson, 6 books
Ernest Dichter, 6 books
Joseph P. Forgas, 5 books
Neal E. Miller, 5 books
Richard Collier Teevan, 5 books
Zig Ziglar, 5 books
Stephen Rollnick, 5 books
Brian Tracy, 5 books
John W. Atkinson, 5 books


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