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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marc Eliot, 5 books
Michelle Vogel, 4 books
Brian J. Robb, 4 books
Ronald L. Davis, 4 books
Jeffrey Vance, 3 books
Kathleen Tracy, 3 books
Kirk Douglas, 3 books
Jeffrey Meyers, 3 books
Michael R. Pitts, 3 books
Carl Rollyson, 3 books
Axel Nissen, 3 books
Christopher Heard, 3 books
David Bret, 3 books
Bernard F. Dick, 3 books
Tippi Hedren, 2 books
Allan R. Ellenberger, 2 books
Florence Colombani, 2 books
Bruce Campbell, 2 books
Murray Garrett, 2 books
Michelangelo Capua, 2 books
Holly George-Warren, 2 books
Heather Addison, 2 books
Adrienne L. McLean, 2 books
Darwin Porter, 2 books
Robert Dance, 2 books


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