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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Higham, 6 books
Jane Ellen Wayne, 6 books
Alexander Walker, 5 books
John Kobal, 4 books
Jeff Rovin, 3 books
Shirley MacLaine, 3 books
Barry Norman, 3 books
Michael Freedland, 3 books
Robyn Karney, 3 books
David Downing, 3 books
David Quinlan, 3 books
Kenneth Anger, 2 books
Hunter, Allan., 2 books
Verita Thompson, 2 books
Christopher Nickens, 2 books
Norm Goldstein, 2 books
Robert Laguardia, 2 books
Gene Arceri, 2 books
Peter Høeg, 2 books
Sheridan Morley, 2 books
McCabe, John, 2 books
Warren G. Harris, 2 books
Kitty Kelley, 2 books
Michael Munn, 2 books
Fred Lawrence Guiles, 2 books


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