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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colin Asher, 11 books
David Webb, 10 books
Sidney Moore, 10 books
Terry Hawkin, 10 books
A L Antrobus, 9 books
G F Pugh, 9 books
B. Maharaj, 8 books
Child's Play, 8 books
S. Moodie, 8 books
S. Bartley, 7 books
Mari Latti, 7 books
Juan Kattan-Ibarra, 6 books
Tim Connell, 6 books
P.A. Hoffmann, 6 books
O.W. Spruyt, 6 books
Paul Rogers, 6 books
Norman Paxton, 6 books
Jan Esterhuyse, 5 books
Bryan Goodman-Stephens, 5 books
Gillian Taylor, 5 books
Annie Kubler, 5 books
Richard J. Brake, 5 books
Sonia Gouws, 5 books
Tobea Brink, 5 books
Ann Miller, 5 books


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