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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eleanor Caldwell, 5 books
Roddy Renfrew, 5 books
Margaret Bland, 3 books
John Seely, 3 books
David Kitchen, 3 books
Gordon Gibson, 3 books
Catherine Berry, 3 books
Andrew K. McCormick, 3 books
Arthur E. Baillie, 3 books
Norman Conquest, 3 books
Pembroke, Anne Clifford Herbert Countess of, 3 books
Bob Wilson, 2 books
Fernand Dierckens, 2 books
Alistair Brien, 2 books
Sharon Brien, 2 books
Corinna Schicker, 2 books
Claire Bleasdale, 2 books
Alan Caldow, 2 books
Morag McClurg, 2 books
Malcolm Dickson, 2 books
Conquest, 2 books
Christine Ross, 2 books
James Harkness, 1 book
John Porter, 1 book
Paul Sheridan, 1 book


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