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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Graham, Tim., 3 books
David Levenson, 3 books
Tina Brown, 2 books
Jay Mulvaney, 2 books
Jayne Fincher, 2 books
King, Larry, 2 books
Christopher P. Andersen, 2 books
Andrew Morton, 2 books
Jon King, 2 books
Glenn Harvey, 2 books
Anna Pasternak, 2 books
Anthony Holden, 2 books
Ingrid Seward, 2 books
Sarah Bradford, 2 books
Clarke, Mary, 2 books
Penny Junor, 2 books
Eric Hamilton, 2 books
Campbell, Colin Lady, 2 books
Julia Fenton, 1 book
Brian MacArthur, 1 book
Pedro Agustín Díaz Arenas, 1 book
Nicholas Courtney, 1 book
Trevor Hall, 1 book
Gordon Honeycombe, 1 book
Georgina Battiscombe, 1 book


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