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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
S. Barnett, 7 books
F. R. Gantmakher, 7 books
Roger A. Horn, 6 books
G. W. Stewart, 5 books
Richard A. Brualdi, 5 books
Gene H. Golub, 5 books
S. R. Searle, 5 books
G. Stephenson, 4 books
Rudolf Zurmühl, 4 books
E. A. Maxwell, 4 books
W. L. Ferrar, 4 books
R. A. Frazer, 4 books
Ayres, Frank, 4 books
Gohberg, I., 4 books
Rajendra Bhatia, 4 books
Marcus, Marvin, 4 books
Daniel T. Finkbeiner, 3 books
Maurice Parodi, 3 books
W. Michael Kelley, 3 books
Timo Mäkeläinen, 3 books
Hugh G. Campbell, 3 books
Ahmed Sameh, 3 books
Paul Horst, 3 books
Frank Bowman, 3 books
Jan R. Magnus, 3 books


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