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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Claude Berge, 8 books
Gary Chartrand, 8 books
Robin J. Wilson, 7 books
W. T. Tutte, 6 books
Fred S. Roberts, 5 books
John William Theodore Youngs, 4 books
Richard K. Guy, 4 books
Norman Biggs, 4 books
Fred Buckley, 3 books
Michel Gondran, 3 books
Yehoshua Perl, 3 books
Frank Harary, 3 books
Ove Frank, 3 books
Peter J. Cameron, 3 books
Wai-Kai Chen, 3 books
Reinhard Diestel, 3 books
Richard Ernest Bellman, 3 books
Per Hage, 3 books
Arnold Kaufmann, 3 books
Andrásfai, Béla., 3 books
Ėrik Georgievich Davydov, 2 books
Leon S. Levy, 2 books
Joe L. Mott, 2 books
K. M. Koh, 2 books
W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, 2 books


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