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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
SAS Institute, 132 books
David S. Moore, 39 books
Charles Henry Brase, 28 books
Jay L. Devore, 21 books
Roxy Peck, 19 books
David R. Cox, 19 books
Brian Everitt, 13 books
Corrinne Pellillo Brase, 12 books
William Mendenhall, 12 books
SAS Publishing, 12 books
Samuel Kotz, 12 books
Jerzy Neyman, 11 books
George E. P. Box, 11 books
N. Balakrishnan, 11 books
Yadolah Dodge, 10 books
Thomas J. Quirk, 10 books
Rao, C. Radhakrishna, 10 books
Robert V. Hogg, 10 books
Ronald Aylmer Fisher, 9 books
Maurice G. Kendall, 9 books
Stephen E. Fienberg, 9 books
George P. McCabe, 9 books
Brian S. Everitt, 9 books
Norman L. Johnson, 9 books
Daniel T. Larose, 9 books