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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gabriel Kron, 5 books
I. Beju, 4 books
Elie Cartan, 4 books
E. M. Corson, 4 books
Derek F. Lawden, 3 books
Nelson, Edward, 3 books
Tracy Y. Thomas, 3 books
Tullio Levi-Civita, 3 books
J. L. Synge, 3 books
Barry Spain, 3 books
Albert Potter Wills, 3 books
Jan Arnoldus Schouten, 3 books
Ugo Fano, 3 books
M. A. Akivis, 3 books
Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler, 2 books
J. Aharoni, 2 books
W. J. Gibbs, 2 books
Paul Edwin Kustaanheimo, 2 books
J. A. Schouten, 2 books
Lichnerowicz, André, 2 books
Yves Talpaert, 2 books
Raimo Lehti, 2 books
Brand, Louis, 2 books
Ivan Stephen Sokolnikoff, 2 books
E. A. Maxwell, 2 books


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