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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chu-Kia Wang, 8 books
T. Kundu, 7 books
R. C. Hibbeler, 6 books
W. T. Marshall, 5 books
Aslam Kassimali, 5 books
Jacques Heyman, 5 books
Jan J. Tuma, 5 books
Mario George Salvadori, 5 books
Stephen Timoshenko, 5 books
Young W. Kwon, 5 books
René Motro, 5 books
George Albert Hool, 4 books
Kenneth Leet, 4 books
Eduardo Torroja Miret, 4 books
William Weaver Jr., 4 books
Ted Belytschko, 4 books
W. M. Jenkins, 3 books
Rabinovich, I. M., 3 books
Ewart S. Andrews, 3 books
Adams, Henry, 3 books
Andersen, Paul, 3 books
Brian Moran, 3 books
Du Bois, A. Jay, 3 books
W. Fisher Cassie, 3 books
Harry G. Schaeffer, 3 books


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