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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Williams, Alan, 11 books
R.M. Lawson, 8 books
P. Perumal, 5 books
Leonard Spiegel, 4 books
Chia-Ming Uang, 4 books
Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, 4 books
Dutta, 4 books
Yvon Chevalier, 4 books
Farkas, József, 3 books
Morgan, W., 3 books
Philip Wilkinson, 3 books
James E. Ambrose, 3 books
R. J. Mainstone, 3 books
Kenneth M. Leet, 3 books
Institution Of Civil Engineers, 3 books
B.H.V. Topping, 3 books
D.A. Nethercot, 3 books
D.L. Mullett, 3 books
David P. Billington, 3 books
James Edward Gordon, 3 books
Bernie Zubrowski, 3 books
Umberto Puppini, 3 books
Kenneth Leet, 3 books
Wai-Fah Chen, 3 books
William Addis, 3 books


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