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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nina Davidovna Aruti︠u︡nova, 6 books
E. S. Andreeva, 4 books
C. Casadio, 3 books
Wolfgang Heydrich, 2 books
Frederic Tamler Sommers, 2 books
Charles Turek, 2 books
George Englebretsen, 2 books
Richard G. Heck, 2 books
Franz Guenthner, 2 books
Frédéric Nef, 2 books
Jean-Blaise Grize, 2 books
Garth Hallett, 2 books
T. J. Smiley, 2 books
Barbara Minto, 2 books
Michel Meyer, 2 books
Dov M. Gabbay, 2 books
Norbert Hornstein, 2 books
Piero Coda, 2 books
Pavel Materna, 2 books
N. N. Zhaldak, 2 books
George Powell, 2 books
Michael Boylan, 2 books
Michel Chambreuil, 2 books
Robert May, 2 books
Daniel Vanderveken, 2 books


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