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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary R. Lefkowitz, 4 books
Sarah B. Pomeroy, 4 books
Johann Joachim Winckelmann, 3 books
Grant, Michael, 3 books
Plato, 3 books
Euripides, 3 books
Maureen B. Fant, 3 books
M. I. Finley, 3 books
Robin Lane Fox, 3 books
John Ferguson, 3 books
Abraham J. Malherbe, 2 books
Simeon L. Guterman, 2 books
Marie Delcourt, 2 books
Hans Lietzmann, 2 books
Paul Carrick, 2 books
Ehrenberg, Victor, 2 books
Theodor Klauser, 2 books
Eve-Marie Becker, 2 books
Walter Fraser Oakeshott, 2 books
Green, Peter, 2 books
Hermann Bengtson, 2 books
Ludwig Friedländer, 2 books
Hadas, Moses, 2 books
Ovid, 2 books
Konrat Ziegler, 2 books


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