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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Viola Spolin, 11 books
Gavin Levy, 4 books
Pamela Bowell, 4 books
Keith Johnstone, 4 books
Mick Napier, 3 books
Milton E. Polsky, 3 books
Sandra Caruso, 3 books
John Martin, 3 books
Lynda Belt, 3 books
Janet Rubin, 3 books
Kat Koppett, 3 books
Hazel Smith, 2 books
Mary Ann Kelley, 2 books
Peter Chilver, 2 books
Barry Grantham, 2 books
Antonio Fava, 2 books
Isabel B. Burger, 2 books
John Reed Hodgson, 2 books
Moreno, J. L., 2 books
Heinrich Dauber, 2 books
Robert G. Newton, 2 books
Sue Porter, 2 books
Amy E. Seham, 2 books
V. N. Kharʹkin, 2 books
Sara Holmes, 2 books