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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Winifred Louise Ward, 9 books
Nellie McCaslin, 8 books
Anthony D. Fredericks, 7 books
Richard Courtney, 6 books
Geraldine Brain Siks, 5 books
Jonothan Neelands, 5 books
Gavin M. Bolton, 5 books
Peter Slade, 5 books
Ruth Beall Heinig, 5 books
Loren E. Taylor, 4 books
Lonnie Burstein Hewitt, 4 books
Louise Thistle, 4 books
Robert J. Landy, 4 books
Janet Rubin, 4 books
June Cottrell, 3 books
Charles R. Duke, 3 books
Pamela Bowell, 3 books
Tony Jackson, 3 books
John Reed Hodgson, 3 books
Joan Haggerty, 3 books
David Adland, 3 books
Philip Taylor, 3 books
Betty Jane Wagner, 3 books
Brian Way, 3 books
Viola Spolin, 3 books


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