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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sebastian Kneipp, 28 books
James Manby Gully, 7 books
Currie, James, 6 books
Floyer, John Sir, 6 books
R. T. Trall, 6 books
R. T. Claridge, 6 books
Joel Shew, 6 books
John Smedley, 6 books
Simon Baruch, 5 books
Thomas Low Nichols, 5 books
John Macpherson, 4 books
Johnson, Edward, 4 books
Richard Metcalfe, 4 books
Benedict Lust, 4 books
Rice Charleton, 4 books
William Lloyd Garrison, 4 books
Louis Fleury, 4 books
William Walker Atkinson, 4 books
Judy Jetter, 3 books
Carl von Noorden, 3 books
George Knapp Abbott, 3 books
Weiss, Josef, 3 books
John Harvey Kellogg, 3 books
F. Batmanghelidj, 3 books
John Smith, 3 books


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