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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Lloyd Garrison, 657 books
Samuel May, 86 books
Oliver Johnson, 83 books
Maria Weston Chapman, 36 books
J. Miller M'Kim, 29 books
Anne Warren Weston, 23 books
Samuel J. May, 16 books
Child Mrs, 16 books
Thomas H. Barker, 15 books
Thompson, George, 14 books
Mary Carpenter, 14 books
Deborah Weston, 14 books
Susan B. Anthony, 12 books
Gerrit Smith, 11 books
F. W. Chesson, 11 books
Caroline Weston, 11 books
Mary Anne Estlin, 11 books
Phillips, Wendell, 10 books
Richard Davis Webb, 10 books
Francis Jackson, 9 books
Quincy, Edmund, 9 books
Elizabeth Pease Nichol, 9 books
Joseph A. Dugdale, 9 books
Theodore Tilton, 9 books
Josephine Elizabeth Grey Butler, 8 books


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