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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
No name, 14 books
Thomas Sydenham, 13 books
George Fordyce, 11 books
John Huxham, 10 books
Charles Murchison, 7 books
Alexander Philip Wilson Philip, 7 books
Johann Christian Reil, 7 books
Thomas Beddoes, 6 books
Jackson, Robert, 6 books
Robertson, Robert, 5 books
Alfred Hudson, 5 books
Buell Eastman, 5 books
George Cheyne, 5 books
Currie, James, 4 books
James Lind, 4 books
Lionel S. Beale, 4 books
Willis, Thomas, 4 books
Maximilian Stoll, 4 books
Alexander Tweedie, 4 books
Isaac Ott, 4 books
Torti, Francesco, 4 books
Edward Strother, 4 books
Andres Piquer, 4 books
Jean Astruc, 3 books
Daniel Tauvry, 3 books


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