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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jürgen Moltmann, 14 books
Charles R. Swindoll, 10 books
Jürgen Moltmann, 8 books
Erich Fromm, 5 books
Jacques Ellul, 5 books
Diane McDermott, 5 books
Anne Graham Lotz, 5 books
Billy Graham, 5 books
Anne Lamott, 5 books
C. R. Snyder, 5 books
Ladislaus Boros, 4 books
Dutch Sheets, 4 books
Joni Eareckson Tada, 4 books
Joseph Ratzinger, 4 books
Société canadienne de théologie., 4 books
Walter H. Capps, 4 books
Dan Zadra, 3 books
Ernst Bloch, 3 books
Nancy Guthrie, 3 books
Olga Grushin, 3 books
al-Ghazzālī, 3 books
Lewis B. Smedes, 3 books
Helen Steiner Rice, 3 books
Michael A. Rapoff, 3 books
Verena Kast, 3 books


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