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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marcus Junianus Justinus, 26 books
Polybius, 10 books
Arnaldo Momigliano, 9 books
Aelian, 9 books
Hermann Bengtson, 8 books
Herodotus, 8 books
Susan Altman, 7 books
N. G. L. Hammond, 7 books
Gaston Maspero, 6 books
Franz Altheìm, 5 books
I. E. S. Edwards, 5 books
John Boardman, 5 books
John Haywood, 5 books
Roger S. Bagnall, 5 books
James Henry Breasted, 5 books
Diodorus Siculus, 5 books
Alexandre Moret, 4 books
Ehrenberg, Victor, 4 books
A. H. L. Heeren, 4 books
S. Wise Bauer, 4 books
Susan Wise Bauer, 4 books
William Howell, 4 books
E. Sollberger, 4 books
Baikie, James, 3 books
Terrot Reaveley Glover, 3 books


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