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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Carlyle, 24 books
Gaetano Salvemini, 16 books
Henry Adams, 12 books
V. V. Shelokhaev, 11 books
Al Zub, 11 books
Li, Ao, 10 books
Edward Gibbon, 10 books
Jacques Le Goff, 10 books
Marc Léopold Benjamin Bloch, 9 books
A. L. Rowse, 9 books
Arnaldo Momigliano, 8 books
John Lukacs, 8 books
V. S. Brachev, 8 books
Mykhaĭlo Hrushevsʹkyĭ, 8 books
V. A. Smoliĭ, 8 books
G. Mutanov, 8 books
James Anthony Froude, 7 books
Jules Michelet, 7 books
Bohumil Jiroušek, 7 books
David Alec Wilson, 7 books
Wallace Stegner, 7 books
Alexis de Tocqueville, 7 books
Saburō Ienaga, 7 books
Lubomyr Roman Wynar, 7 books
Grosser, Alfred, 7 books


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