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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hu, Shi, 21 books
Xianlin Ji, 15 books
Ji, Xianlin, 8 books
Paolo Giovio, 7 books
Weiwei Shen, 7 books
United States. Internal Revenue Service., 6 books
Sulaymān Mūsá, 6 books
Guo, Moruo, 5 books
National Cancer Institute (U.S.), 5 books
Dashkova, E. R. kni͡agini͡a, 5 books
Huang, Zongxi, 5 books
Bagdro, 4 books
Yu, Yingshi., 4 books
Edward Gibbon, 4 books
Yu, Qing., 4 books
Anne Valmas, 4 books
Yufang Bian, 4 books
Fengkang Sang, 4 books
Degui Cai, 4 books
Vahur Mägi, 4 books
Liang, Qichao, 4 books
Weiwei Shen, 4 books
Elizabeth Devine, 4 books
Chi Wang, 4 books
Hena Basu, 4 books


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