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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Greece., 7 books
The Fresh, 6 books
Mark Ellingham, 5 books
Natania Jansz, 5 books
Eileen Anderson, 5 books
Marc Dubin, 5 books
Brian Anderson, 5 books
Ernest Barker, 4 books
Anne Millard, 4 books
Paperboard Research Group, 4 books
Paul Hellander, 4 books
Thucydides, 4 books
Nikē Marōnitē, 4 books
August Mommsen, 3 books
Philip P. Betancourt, 3 books
Aelianus Tacticus, 3 books
Colin Nicolson, 3 books
Harvard Student Agencies, 3 books
John Fisher, 3 books
Michael Grant, 3 books
Cheryl Evans, 3 books
Kōstas E. Athanasopoulos, 3 books
Curtis Runnels, 3 books
Michael Pauls, 3 books
David Willett, 3 books


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