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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Giovanni Boccaccio, 40 books
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 9 books
Fiona Patton, 5 books
Tad Williams, 4 books
Sallustius, 4 books
J. Douglas Arnold, 3 books
Mykhaĭlo Petrovych Drahomaniv, 3 books
Alain, 3 books
Michael J. Sullivan, 3 books
Karsten Knight, 3 books
Rei Tōma, 3 books
Zach Meston, 3 books
Richard Carlyon, 2 books
Michelle Paver, 2 books
Scott Mebus, 2 books
Adolf Erman, 2 books
Jim Willis, 2 books
A. S. Byatt, 2 books
A. Eustace Haydon, 2 books
Margaret Weis, 2 books
Walter Addison Jayne, 2 books
Grant Allen, 2 books
Vsevolod Basanoff, 2 books
Gail Carson Levine, 2 books
Jordan, Michael, 2 books


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