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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
H. G. Wells, 12 books
Iain M. Banks, 11 books
Karen Traviss, 9 books
David Drake, 8 books
Chris Bunch, 7 books
Harry Turtledove, 7 books
Gena Showalter, 6 books
Tom Kratman, 6 books
Chesney, George Tomkyns Sir, 6 books
David Weber, 6 books
James Axler, 5 books
Jack Campbell, 5 books
R. A. Salvatore, 5 books
Tracey West, 5 books
Tom Clancy, 5 books
Christie Golden, 4 books
Steven Erikson, 4 books
Troy Denning, 4 books
Stephen Molstad, 4 books
Henry Gilroy, 4 books
Richard A. Knaak, 4 books
L. E. Modesitt Jr., 4 books
I. F. Clarke, 4 books
Hackett, John Winthrop Sir, 3 books
Robert Cowley, 3 books


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