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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank Herbert, 11 books
Tappei Nagatsuki, 7 books
D. J. MacHale, 7 books
Tim Binding, 5 books
William Corlett, 4 books
Alberto Manguel, 4 books
Santo Cilauro, 4 books
Garth Nix, 4 books
Mitchell Graham, 3 books
Jodi Lynn Anderson, 3 books
Steven Erikson, 3 books
Brandon Sanderson, 3 books
Christopher Paolini, 3 books
J. Gregory Keyes, 3 books
Jaida Jones, 3 books
Sherrilyn Kenyon, 3 books
Lawrence Watt-Evans, 3 books
Rachel E. Carter, 3 books
Fuse (Manga author), 3 books
Josie Litton, 2 books
Jennifer Fallon, 2 books
Karl Schroeder, 2 books
S. L. Farrell, 2 books
Chris Wooding, 2 books
Stephen Tropiano, 2 books


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