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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rick Riordan, 21 books
Joan Holub, 12 books
Suzanne Williams, 11 books
Robin LaFevers, 9 books
Carolyn Hennesy, 8 books
Craig Phillips, 6 books
Chao Peng, 6 books
Kate McMullan, 6 books
Colleen Houck, 6 books
Wei Dong Chen, 6 books
Lucy Coats, 5 books
George O'Connor, 4 books
Doris Orgel, 4 books
Kendare Blake, 4 books
Jeff Limke, 3 books
John Rocco, 3 books
Weidong Chen, 3 books
Jesse Bernstein, 3 books
Bree Despain, 3 books
Karsten Knight, 3 books
K. L. Armstrong, 3 books
Scott Mebus, 2 books
Francesca Lia Block, 2 books
Kieran Scott, 2 books
Melissa Marr, 2 books


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