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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Patrick, 14 books
Shinobu Gotoh, 9 books
Aaron J. Clarke, 6 books
Edmund White, 5 books
Orland Outland, 4 books
Marc Vargo, 4 books
Lev Raphael, 4 books
Rohan Quine, 4 books
Jason Fury, 3 books
Kazumi Ohya, 3 books
Radclyffe, 3 books
Hotaru Odagiri, 3 books
Dr. Andrej Poleev, 3 books
Christopher Coe, 3 books
M. J. Walker, 2 books
Satoru Kannagi, 2 books
John Rechy, 2 books
Rick R. Reed, 2 books
Michael Cunningham, 2 books
Cruise, 2 books
Edwin F. Blackwelder, 2 books
Edward F. Blackwelder, 2 books
Larry Kramer, 2 books
Andrea Howard, 2 books
Erika Kovacs, 2 books


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