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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shira Glassman, 5 books
Karen Frost, 4 books
Effie Calvin, 4 books
Molly J. Bragg, 2 books
Antonija Meznaric, 2 books
Clint Catalyst, 2 books
Alexa Black, 2 books
Hailey Piper, 2 books
T. J. Alexander, 1 book
Erica Lee, 1 book
Saara El-Arifi, 1 book
Charles D'Aniello, 1 book
Patrick Boyle, 1 book
Michelle Tea, 1 book
Dima Lubimov, 1 book
Martin B. Duberman, 1 book
Joanne Gordon, 1 book
Kief Hillsbery, 1 book
Clare Ashton, 1 book
David Bergman, 1 book
Judith Butler, 1 book
Victoria Lee, 1 book
Wallace Hearn, 1 book
Wikipedia authors, 1 book
Loraine Hutchins, 1 book


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