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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jaime Clevenger, 18 books
Jenny Frame, 18 books
Barbara Ann Wright, 14 books
Radclyffe, 12 books
Fiona Riley, 11 books
Lexa Luthor, 9 books
Lee Winter, 7 books
Elle Spencer, 7 books
SD Simper, 7 books
Erin Zak, 7 books
Georgia Beers, 6 books
Lise MacTague, 6 books
Carolyn Elizabeth, 5 books
Michelle Larkin, 5 books
Karin Kallmaker, 4 books
Anna Burke, 4 books
Melissa Brayden, 4 books
Elle E. Ire, 4 books
Wendy Hudson, 4 books
Antonija Meznaric, 3 books
Nicole Foster, 3 books
Caren J. Werlinger, 3 books
Clare Ashton, 3 books
G Benson, 3 books
Olivia M. Ravensworth, 3 books