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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Radclyffe, 12 books
Frankie J. Jones, 4 books
Claire McNab, 4 books
Nicole Foster, 3 books
Gerri Hill, 3 books
Cruise, 3 books
Blayne Cooper, 3 books
Val Brown, 3 books
T. Novan, 3 books
Olivia M. Ravensworth, 3 books
Anastasia Vitsky, 3 books
M. J. Walker, 2 books
Karin Kallmaker, 2 books
B. L. Miller, 2 books
Vada Foster, 2 books
Nann Dunne, 2 books
Meredith More, 1 book
Maggie Nelson, 1 book
Rose Collis, 1 book
Eva Weiss, 1 book
Jane Merchant, 1 book
Laura Adams, 1 book
Therese Szymanski, 1 book
Julia Watts, 1 book
Drew Campbell, 1 book


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