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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ana Maria Magalhães e Isabel Alçada, 58 books
Jerry B. Jenkins, 43 books
Zach Meston, 19 books
Ruth Glick, 14 books
Alessandro Barbucci, 14 books
Barbara Canepa, 14 books
Rusel DeMaria, 14 books
Elisabetta Gnone, 14 books
Eileen Buckholtz, 13 books
Tim F. LaHaye, 13 books
Brandon Mull, 12 books
F. X. Nine, 10 books
Corey Sandler, 10 books
Enid Blyton, 8 books
Herman Cyril McNeile, 8 books
Frank Yerby, 7 books
Nancy Springer, 7 books
Tom Badgett, 7 books
Barbara Ann Wright, 7 books
Shannon Watters, 7 books
Kat Leyh, 7 books
Daniel Glenfield, 7 books
chimmon, 6 books
Allen L. Wold, 6 books
Robin Jarvis, 6 books


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