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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhengqiang Wang, 2 books
Bojiang Lai, 2 books
Fuling Yang, 2 books
Mingsheng Ye, 2 books
Maoxian Lin, 2 books
Heyi Lin, 2 books
Deyu Shi, 2 books
Xianqingjushi, 2 books
Gu, Gang., 1 book
Anne E. McLaren, 1 book
Qin Zhou, 1 book
Ji Hu, 1 book
Junda Wu, 1 book
Kui An, 1 book
Liuyi Qu, 1 book
Yude Zhou, 1 book
Jianxin Zhao, 1 book
Minghua Wei, 1 book
Jinyi Li, 1 book
Jiarui Li, 1 book
Chuntian Feng, 1 book
Songshan Wang, 1 book
Tiancheng Hu, 1 book
Shouren Chen, 1 book
Yunchao Song, 1 book


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