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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alberto Villoldo, 23 books
Carlos Castaneda, 17 books
Kyŏng-su Na, 16 books
Lynn V. Andrews, 13 books
Mihály Hoppál, 12 books
Sandra Ingerman, 12 books
Hyo-gil Ha, 10 books
Hŏn-sŏn Kim, 10 books
Hwang, Nu-si, 9 books
Yong-jun Hyŏn, 9 books
Kim, In-hoe, 8 books
Ina Rösing, 8 books
Linda Star Wolf, 8 books
Jeremy Narby, 8 books
Shagdarzhavyn Su̇khbat, 8 books
Hŭng-yun Cho, 8 books
Uri Madang Tʻŏ (Firm : Korea), 8 books
T'ae-han Hong, 8 books
Kim, Tʻae-gon, 7 books
Valentina Kharitonova, 7 books
James Endredy, 7 books
Ralph Metzner, 7 books
Vilmos Diószegi, 7 books
Ru-si Hwang, 7 books
Nevill Drury, 7 books


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