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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhi Gang Sha, 19 books
Doreen Virtue, 13 books
Kathryn Kuhlman, 12 books
Louise L. Hay, 10 books
Charles Hunter, 10 books
T. D. Jakes, 8 books
Oral Roberts, 8 books
Francis MacNutt, 8 books
Emily Gardiner Neal, 8 books
Agnes Mary White Sanford, 7 books
Tilda Norberg, 7 books
Alberto Villoldo, 7 books
John Wimber, 7 books
Kenneth E. Hagin, 6 books
Robert DeGrandis, 6 books
Ruth Carter Stapleton, 5 books
Reginald B. Cherry, 5 books
Karen Mahony, 5 books
Alex Ukolov, 5 books
Vianna Stibal, 5 books
Murphy, Joseph, 5 books
Morton T. Kelsey, 5 books
John Loren Sandford, 5 books
Jack Angelo, 5 books
Leanne Payne, 5 books


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