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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Janice Hardy, 6 books
Evans, Nicholas, 5 books
Nigel Mumford, 5 books
Roberts Liardon, 4 books
Walter Murray Chiesa, 4 books
Sophie Littlefield, 4 books
Dean Kraft, 4 books
Adam, 3 books
Lynne Cherry, 3 books
Valerie Tripp, 3 books
Jorge Zicolillo, 3 books
Noah Gordon, 3 books
Susan Howatch, 3 books
Rüdiger Zuck, 3 books
Kyriacos C. Markides, 3 books
Corrine Jackson, 3 books
Jeremy Whitley, 3 books
P. C. Cast, 3 books
C. E. Laureano, 3 books
I︠A︡kov I︠A︡nakiev, 3 books
Masruri, 2 books
Licauco, Jaime T., 2 books
C. Douglas Weaver, 2 books
Doris Collins, 2 books
Eliseo Torres, 2 books


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