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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lisa Regan, 11 books
Polydore Vergil, 8 books
Tracy Chevalier, 8 books
Linda Schmittroth, 8 books
John Farndon, 7 books
Lorenzo Magnani, 7 books
Andrew Solway, 6 books
Kyle Kirkland, 6 books
Jeff Bane, 6 books
Ailynn Collins, 6 books
Rose Johnson, 5 books
Kendall F. Haven, 5 books
John Brockman, 5 books
Megan Cooley Peterson, 5 books
Tammy Enz, 5 books
Jake Nelson, 5 books
Nancy J. Nersessian, 4 books
Waller, John, 4 books
Mike Goldsmith, 4 books
Jane Shuter, 4 books
Claire Llewellyn, 4 books
Reader's Digest, 4 books
Hui Li, 4 books
Laura Perdew, 4 books
Sarah Machajewski, 4 books