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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert J. Sternberg, 17 books
James L. McClelland, 5 books
Roger H. Bruning, 5 books
Morton Wagman, 5 books
Stephen K. Reed, 5 books
Michael W. Eysenck, 5 books
Frank Wills, 4 books
Ronald Thomas Kellogg, 4 books
Brian H. Ross, 4 books
Nick Braisby, 4 books
M. Oaksford, 4 books
Diana J Sanders, 4 books
David G. Payne, 4 books
Daniel Reisberg, 4 books
Douglas L. Medin, 4 books
Gordon H. Bower, 3 books
Harry Lorayne, 3 books
E. Bruce Goldstein, 3 books
Angus Gellatly, 3 books
Arthur Freeman, 3 books
Frank Jackson, 3 books
Howard Black, 3 books
Sandra Parks, 3 books
Keith J. Holyoak, 3 books
Jerome R. Busemeyer, 3 books


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